• Inspections: Many residential fire sprinkler systems are neglected by home owners for years at a time. Although they are very low maintenance it is a wise choice to have your system inspect and tested to ensure that each component is operating as it is designed. Our multi-point inspection will identify many of the most common issues that arise in fire sprinkler systems.

  • Repairs: Our emergency crew is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and always ready to handle your repair needs, whether it is a slow leak, bad pressure gauge, or afire or flood emergency. We are here to help. Do waste your time being ignored by our competition. One call to us is all it takes to get the professional service that you need. We are always available and ready to handle every aspect of your fire protection needs whether it is routine maintenance or an emergency leak that needs attention right away.

  • Parts: Do you need additional parts like missing trim pieces or escutcheon covers? We can find you parts for almost any sprinkler system regardless of the age, or company that installed it.. In many cases we will have items in stock and available for pick up.

In case of a after hours emergency service request please call our 24 hour emergency pager at 619-407-1817 and leave your phone number. We will respond as soon as possible.

In many cases leaks that appear to originate from the sprinklers in your ceiling turn out to be from other piping in your home. Prior to scheduling a trip to your home or property we will walk you through a few easy steps that can help you isolate and diagnose your leaks and potentially save the cost of having the wrong contractor come on site to tell you that you need a different contractor for the problem. Not only can we help save you money, but we can save you time and frustration trying to get the problem fixed.